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Press clipping

Press clipping is a comfortable and bright form of important information transfer. While selecting publications by subject the specialists in Context Media scan originals of materials, exploring all types of resources.

Before press clipping is made the optimal source group and the subsequent structure of the presentation of the monitoring results are determined.

This method of transmitting information reflects the completeness of the reported events and captures information directly from primary sources.

Press clipping allows efficient use of the information for advertising purposes.


Digests and Reviews

Compiling the most important publications on the topic of interest for a certain period

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Press clipping

Scanning articles of the print and electronic media

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Drawing up a list of companies and products grouped according to certain criteria

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Online access to the media database

Providing an opportunity of independent searching in the Context Media publications database

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Social media monitoring

In the focus of the Context Media there are always 1179 social media

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Measuring reputation in the media

Evaluating the different stakeholders’ attitude to the company or the product

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Evaluating the effectiveness of PR

Analyzing the effectiveness of the separate PR-campaigns as well as existing enterprise communications systems in general

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Case studies

Evaluating of resonance and objective coverage of particular events or themes in the media

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Industry surveys

The study of the current state of the market and the assessment of the prospects of its development, the analysis of the activity of its key players as well as competitors

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