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Information security of Ukraine


Today Ukraine is the aim of unprecedented aggression by the Russian Federation, which is manifested in the occupation of individual regions, sabotage, undermining the economy, dissemination of false and biased information about Ukraine. Activity in the latter direction allows the opponent to manipulate public opinion in Ukraine and abroad, distort the facts and strengthen anti-government actions.

Temporary restriction on broadcasting a number of foreign TV channels can not be considered a sufficient measure to counter information aggression. To obtain the desired result is necessary to create a fundamentally new system of defense of Ukraine.

Decision of former acting President Alexander Turchinov about enforcing decisions of the National Security and Defense on April 28, on measures to counter the information aggression of foreign states was important, but only a first step aimed at strengthening defense of the information space.

Context Media is convinced that the creation of a truly efficient and effective defense is possible only in the interaction of public authorities, specialized organizations working in the information market, media, media experts, non-governmental organizations.

Using years of experience and advanced leadership positions in media monitoring and media analysis, Context Media develops and proposes effective measures aimed at strengthening the country's information security, combining them into a set of services called "Information Protection of Ukraine".

In the proposal, we have collected a number of effective and innovative solutions, including the definition of the resonance of individual events and topics that dominate the media field, the determining the degree of influence of sources of information and "repeaters" false information, the organizing an effective system of analysis of the information materials and reputation audit, the preparing other information and analytical materials.

The study is conducted in the information field of the individual directions, including government agencies work and their managers, regional policy, protests, political parties and organizations, etc.

There are also a variety of forms of information - from the operational notices to the monthly analytical reports containing detailed information in different directions.

Experts of Context Media developed a model for search and operational analysis of information for the state institutes. The proposed system requires a change in the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine timely information threats, as well as aspects affecting the reputation of Ukraine. However, implementation of the system allows for the maintenance of high standards of freedom of speech in the media.


It should be noted that the Context Media provides services in the field of information security for commercial organizations.

To discuss possible options for cooperation, as well as to obtain more information about the project, please call: +38 044 501-84-58 or by e-mail: info@context-ua.com

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