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Political parties


Today it is difficult to provide day to day activities of modern political structures without the use of an effective system of monitoring the media. Systematic monitoring of publications in various media and qualitative media analysis provide the relevant data on the change of socio-political situation in the country, the statements of associates and opponents, legislative initiatives, as well as the degree of support for the party actions. These services are the basis of specialized solutions developed by Context Media for political organizations.

The complex of information and analytical services Effective politics includes a daily digest of media coverage, as well as a weekly review of media presence which includes statistical information, a description of the main topics of the publications, their analysis.

In addition, users have the opportunity to receive alert massages about the publications of a negative character for 15 minutes after they appear on the Internet.

Preparation of background material includes drafting analytical reports on persons and organizations, help with market research, awareness training to conduct meetings, recommendations to build dialogue and to discuss the key topics.

Important place in the new package takes speechwriting services and preparation for press conferences, public events with the participation of representatives of the media.

Particular attention is paid to reputation audit - the study of perception of the target audience to person or organization, the elimination of reputational risks and the leveling of negative factors.

The main purpose of Context Media in the development and implementation of the complex services is the desire to contribute in improving the quality of Ukrainian politics, to increase understanding and cooperation between different interest groups, to grow efficiency of the state structures.

The specialized package Effective politics designed primarily for political leaders and parties, public organizations, public authorities, research companies.

Presentation of information and analytical services Effective politics (in Russian)

Information-analytical agency Context Media presented a new project - a weekly research of the degree of mentioning politicians in the media.

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